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Mocha Madness

Male: Mochino Motley Sunfire Female: Mochino Sunfire Goldenchild


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If you want to dominate the Mocha game this is a must have breeding pair ! You will produce Mocha Motley Super Sunfires (worlds first), Mocha Super Sunfires (worlds first) . Mocha Golenchild Motley Super Sunfires (worlds first) , Mocha Goldenchilds (worlds first),  and many, many,  more jaw dropping and worlds first combinations ! You will get a perfect mix of regular Albinos, Mochinos, and Mochas from the pairing, giving you diversity and quality all in one. If you love Mochino and Mocha projects this is a must have ! 

Mocha Madness
Male: Mochino Sunfire Motley Female: Mochino Sunfire Goldenchild